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Mission is a research and software development group based at the University of Washington and the SUNY Institute of Technology that works with scholars, librarians and archivists interested in preserving and analyzing materials created for and distributed on the Web. We create Web-based tools, help with project design and procedures, and develop institutional policies necessary to complete these tasks.

Areas of Expertise   Through its collaborative projects with various institutions, has developed specific expertise in a number of different areas. We are interested in engaging in projects with partners who wish to:

  • Identify, archive and catalogue born-digital materials relevant to Web spheres of interest.
  • Collect metadata associated with sites archived by and other archiving organizations.
  • Analyze Web spheres for publications and presentations in professional and scholarly settings using standard analysis tools measuring breadth, scope, emergence, features, structures for action and other aspects.
  • Provide a platform supporting the archiving, analysis and presentation efforts of other Internet researchers.
  • Provide a platform for public access to metadata and archived materials.
  • Provide a platform to support instructional activities associated with archived Web materials, including student-produced websites requiring repeated evaluation.
  • Develop policies for libraries, archives and other institutions that provide access to archived materials through new or continuing Web archiving projects.
More information Please contact:
Steven M. Schneider
SUNY Institute of Technology
    Kirsten A. Foot
University of Washington